How to shrink belly naturally

One of the causes of the problem of belly is the pattern of living and consuming too much junk food or fast food, and a lack of activity or a sport that is increasingly speeding up the stomach into a protruding.
Here are tips shrink belly and prevention:

Avoid eating quickly
Because when you swallow food too fast, there is air that enters the body is retained in the gut and form a gas which can lead to abdominal distention.

Avoid the habit of loosening pants after eating
Usually after eating and satiety rather there are some people who are accustomed to loosen their pants, the goal that the stomach is relieved. But the effect of the stomach so even expand.

Avoid eating at bedtime
It is better to avoid eating two to three hours of bedtime, because it will make the food pile up while you sleep.

Eat fibrous foods
Fibrous foods will aid digestion so as not to accumulate in our body.

Avoid constipation
The occurrence of constipation is our irregularly during defecation. It will make the dirt accumulate and the more gas bubbles.